Bureaux des services de la CREA, à Rouen

The 8,300 m² building was completed in July 2017. The main feature of this 6-storey building is a rectangle split longitudinally in its centre, giving the impression of two dissociated parallelepiped-shaped sections. A car park at a basement level is located under the building. Two materials are used for the primary structure: concrete and steel. Most of the building interior is made from reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete. Steel is used for the cantilevered part, the façade finishing and the exterior roof finishing. Steel was chosen for the cantilevered part given how reliable it is in terms of behaviour over the long term. Anchorage elements, at the interface between the steel and concrete, were the subject of a specific analysis. The structure was integrated right from the start of the spatial design phase of the project. The overall stability of the system is provided by the continuous vertical cores.
Housing and public building
Materials and construction systems
Concrete and prestressed concrete, Steel frame
France, Rouen (FR-76), Eco Quartier Flaubert Hangar 108
Structural engineering design
JFA Jacques Ferrier Architecture
Metropole Rouen Normandie
25 M€
8300 ㎡
Photos credit
JFA + Luc Boegly
Work completion date