Sénart Theatre

The Théâtre, a future national theatre, is a new landmark in the Carré Sénart. It finds its balance in a play on oblique shapes and a hierarchy of reliefs. The metal roof is laid like a veil on the fragmented volume that houses a large front room, an adaptable room and a restaurant. A group of squares of differing sizes, some pressed some perforated, give life to the aluminium skin and make this unifying envelope vibrate. In the centre of the building, an open-air patio provides light and natural ventilation. The aluminium skin has a protective function without the obligation for water and air sealing. This choice of design affords great freedom to the work on the geometric motifs characterising it.


Skin and glass roof

Materials and construction systems

Glass, Steel frame


France, Senart (FR-77)


Structural design stages


Chaix & Morel


Syndicat d’Agglomération nouvelle de Sénart

Amount of work

27 M€


10600 ㎡

Photo credits & plans

Agence Chaix & Morel, C&E

Completion date