Residential Tower, 2 Lions district in Tours

The Le Galion combined architectural project in the Deux Lions district is characterised by a unique landscape that blends perfectly into the banks of the Cher river. The project includes an office building, a residential building (the Tour Lumière) and a company restaurant, built around a garden that extends out over the Cher river like a belvedere. With its transparent façades, the company restaurant offers a panoramic view over the river. The Tour Lumière acts like an urban landmark due to its height and unique cylindrical shape. Subtle white and metallic reflections bring the façade of the building to life, giving an impression of lightness and brightness that varies depending on the natural light. The building offers a panoramic view over the river, city and surrounding countryside. The Tour Lumière offers social housing for let and purchase as well as standard lodgings for sale. Balconies are laid out around each storey. The design of the structure of the tower follows its spatial mechanism. The supporting stability core is located in the centre. The self-supporting non-bracing façades can vary in terms of the position of their opacities from one level to another.


Housing and public building

Materials and construction systems

Concrete and prestressed concrete


France, Tours (FR-37)


Structural design stages


JFA Jacques Ferrier Architecture




5300 ㎡

Photo credits

JFA Jacques Ferrier Architecture, Luc Boegly, Mathieu Ducros

Completion date