Pre-stressed and post-tensioned beams made from Ductal® UHPFRC for Huaxin, in Wuhan

The beams pre-stressed by bonded tendons are made from metal fibre Ductal and designed for the roofing of industrial buildings in China. The span is greater than 20 metres and the height variable depending on the internal solicitations of the mechanism. The principle consists of optimising the material used to come close to the typical proportions used for steel built-up girders. The analysis carried out on the Sofisitik software shows a sensitivity to lateral buckling typical of the analysis of metal framework structures. Pre-stressing is especially suitable for these elements given the strong compressive strength of the material (greater than 100 Mpa).


Ultra high Performance Reinforced Concrete


China, China, Sundry industrial sites


Feasibility study, Working and Shop drawings



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Huaxin Ltd

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