Odysseum high rise car park, Montpellier

Winner of the competition for a relay car park with over 1200 spaces in Montpellier, the design of this project reflects the playful nature of the Odysséum district resulting in a very original work. The park is designed like a ribbon that unfolds on itself offering a 1300 m-long line of parking spaces which are laid out in a spiked shape with a central one-way traffic passage in the middle. With its strong image, simple and highly efficient functionality and cost effectiveness in terms of the ratio between the surface area available and the number of parking spaces, this car park is built entirely as a superstructure using visible steel frame sections without intumescent protection and is a successful example of the contribution made by engineering to fire protection systems when designing well-ventilated car parks,


Housing and public building

Materials and construction systems

Concrete and prestressed concrete, Masonry, Steel frame


France, Montpellier (FR-34), ZAC Port Marriannes


Structural design stages


CBA Jean-Luc Crochon, Patrick Genet Architecture




23000 ㎡

Photo credits

Mathieu Ducros, Laurent Bourdereaux, C&E


23000 ㎡


Prize for the most attractive metal structure 2010, for the CIRCE car park design studies in Montpellier

Completion date