General purpose hall and exterior covered space, at the Parc du Tremblay in Champigny sur Marne

The installation of the construction overhanging the park site is intended to establish physical and visual links with the athletics stadium below, access to the park and the view towards the distant landscapes. Opposite the renovated athletics track, the facilities are laid out like the background of an antique theatre. In this system, the structure is not demonstrative. It does not use any sophisticated technology but each space, built with a traditional wooden structure, stands out through the themes treated such as thick window, window light, opacity and light. For this project the room (the function, programme element) is a built entity, an ordered segment of a construction system. The room is the starting point for the project. There is a close relationship between what supports and what is supported: this is building to hold a roof, make a shelter, come together for human activities. The structure of the roof of the general-purpose hall is built from a wooden structure underpinned by steel cables resting on circular section wooden columns. The roof is a surface structure, made from wooden glued cross panels. The horizontal surface of the roof is made rigid by the folds (wooden ribs) that enable the roof to be laid out while limiting the number of supporting points.


Housing and public building

Materials and construction systems

Glass, Masonry, Steel frame, Wood frame


France, Champigny sur Marne (FR-94)


Feasibility study, Preliminary study, Structural design stages


CE A+I Jean-Marc Weill


Institution Interdépartementale du Parc du Tremblay

Bureaux d'Ingénierie Associé

Amount of work

2.1 M€


1010 ㎡

Photo credits

Renaud Dessade, C&E

Completion date