Footbridge and extension to the platform for the T2 tramway, Pont d’Issy development zone, Issy-les-Moulineaux

This is an urban footbridge. This involved creating a deck to ensure continuity for pedestrians and cyclists between the newly planned Pont d’Issy development zone district and the district where the T2 tramway and RER C arrive opposite the esplanade.
The connection between the footbridge and its accesses is treated as an urban mechanism. This is an overpass structure without any ostentatious expression of its structure given the complexity of the site and its heterogeneous nature. The installation of the footbridge, backed up against existing infrastructures, is seen as an extension of the inhabited area overhanging the city. This gentle mobility link is an entrance point into the new district. Pedestrians are physically and visually protected from the SNCF and RATP structures by means of a plant border in the torsion beam that carries the overhanging apron. The whole is directed towards the Seine. The structure comprises an off-centre trellis metal box that supports regularly laid out metal brackets overhanging with respect to this box. The assemblies are designed to express the transversality of the mechanism and place the longitudinal primary structure in the background. The curved crossing bay reaches a maximum span of 26 metres. The other bays have a span of around 22 metres. Flooring and furniture used on the metal framework are made from Ultra High Performance reinforced concrete.


Bridge and footbridge, Ultra high Performance Reinforced Concrete

Materials and construction systems

Steel frame


France, Issy-les-Moulineaux (FR-97)


Maîtrise d’œuvre


CE A+I Jean-Marc Weill


Grand Paris Seine Ouest (FR-92)

Amount of work

4.5 M€

Photo credits

Renaud Dessade, C&E

Completion date