Construction of a high-rise car park, Arlequin district, Grenoble

This silo car park project is located in the vicinity of the Arlequin gallery in the Villeneuve district of Grenoble. This is among the new facilities that are part of the urban renewal of this district. The purpose of this project is to build a clear, bright building whose function is clearly visible from the public space. The activity specific to the car park, the movement of vehicles and persons, can be seen from down on the street and are part of the life of the district. (Extract of text from GAP Architectes), The simplicity of the plan made this project open and flexible. The ground floor is occupied by other activities. The structure implemented is seeking to be in tune with this desire for clarity while dealing with the issue of earthquake resistance and minimising the number of vertical supports. In particular the installation of a pre-stressed slab cast on site should be noted along with the construction of a concrete ramp that is reminiscent of that in the Guggenheim Museum in New York.


Housing and public building

Materials and construction systems

Concrete and prestressed concrete, Masonry


France, Grenoble (FR-38)


Structural design stages


GAP Studio, Hugues Grudzinski, Charles Poisay


City of Grenoble

Amount of work

10 M€


9400 ㎡

Photo credits

GAP Architectes


Béton Pro Betocib and Cimbeton award 2017

Completion date