Chai, in Saint Emilion

Design of the shell on a contemporary construction on a wine growing estate whose architectural identity pre-exists the new project. The work carried out in close collaboration with the Architect and Engineer Samuel Nageotte, a partner with the Ateliers Jean Nouvel consisted in merging water tightness and air tightness for the new constructions and their supporting structure. This work was without compromise in terms of the performance of the shell and in particular the thermal bridges, requiring section optimisation, a reduction in the gap between building trades and a search for semi-industrialised technical components at the best possible dimensions. This common transversal method was adapted to each of the nine structures planned.


Skin and glass roof

Materials and construction systems

Glass, Steel frame


France, Saint Emilion (FR-33)


Structural design stages


Atelier Jean Nouvel, Samuel Nageotte Architecture


Domaine de la “Grace Dieu des Prieurs”


2500 ㎡

Photo credits

Samuel Nageotte, C&E, Images Atelier Jean Nouvel + Samuel Nageotte Architecture

Completion date