Aria, cultural centre in Cornebarrieu

This programme built in the heart of the Monges-Croix du Sud development zone comprises a 1,170 m2 media library and a 1,640 m2 community hall. These two complementary programmes are linked by means of a common hall and conference room. It was necessary to take account of the flood risk when designing the construction with a ground floor higher than the highest flood levels recorded. Thus, the building is placed on stilts so as to not block the horizontal water flow. The construction is also special for the traditional materials chosen and revisited by this contemporary architecture. Built from wood, burnt brick and raw yellow earth this building symbolises an insertion into a still rural context at the outermost parts of the Toulouse urban area. The structural raw earth bricks form the auditorium walls (11,000 raw earth bricks applied i.e. 190 m2 or 90 m3). This system was the subject of a type B ATEX procedure which was managed by the inspection agency BTP Consultants (Jean-Marc Gley Technical and Quality Director) and the contractor Rabot Dutilleul.


Housing and public building

Materials and construction systems

Concrete and prestressed concrete, Masonry, Raw earth masonry, Wood frame



France, Cornebarrieu (FR-31)


Structural design stages


Atelier d’Architecture Philippe Madec


Town of Cornebarrieu

Amount of work

7.2 M€


2710 ㎡

Photo credits

AAPP Architecte, Luc Boegly, Aitor Ortiz, C&E


Wood construction 2017. Public buildings, Educations & Cultures. Shared 2nd prize

Date d'achèvement des travaux